West Salem football experiences the value of athletes from all three sports | Sports

West Salem, Wis. (WXOW) West Salem is hoping for a comeback program on the rise.

They didn’t win a game in 2019 but went 3-1 in the COVID-shortened season last fall.

The Panthers fire 13 starters from this team.

One thing West Salem is proud of is the number of athletes from three sports on its roster.

This helped bring the team together as they went through many battles together.

“When you play three sports you use more muscle groups than any one sport specific so it helps with injuries and keeps you well balanced and it also creates a better relationship with your team mates and brothers. on the team,” senior running back/linebacker CJ McConkey said.

“We have a lot of different athletes who come here because of the three sports athletes and that means we’re deep in every position, so I personally think that makes us a really tough football team. We have a lot of big guys the wrestlers that are on the line the linebackers just strong guys we got cross country runners really fast receivers yeah we just deep pretty much everywhere,” said lead receiver/cornerback Jack Hehli.

West Salem will put that depth to the test in their season opener with GET.

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