The university’s sports management graduate program ranked among the best in the world

Sport Business, a global intelligence service, ranked the university’s master’s degree in sports management 17th in the United States and 29th in the world, praising the quality of teaching, alumni employment results, and support for career provided to students.

September 30, 2020

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

As a student, Simão Sousa Branca (left) and his classmates visited Yankee Stadium.

As a candidate for the University of New Haven Sports Management Graduate Program, Simão Sousa Branca ’19 MS was grateful for the thought-provoking and thought-provoking discussions and critical examinations of current events in which he participated. He says it was an environment that encouraged everyone to continuously improve.

“The best part of the program is, by far, the teachers,” he said. “They are not only great professionals and experts in the field, they are also great people who are extremely dedicated to helping students become the best sports managers possible. Their support and enthusiasm were the two most important factors that contributed to my success at the University, and the impact they had on my life will continue to be significant for a very long time.

His experience illustrates why the program has been ranked among the best in the world by Sport Business, a global intelligence service that ranks sports management postgraduate programs around the world. The program was ranked 17th in the United States and 29th among hundreds of programs worldwide.

In particular, the program has been recognized for the quality of its teaching, ranked sixth in the United States and ninth in the world.

“We are thrilled to see our MS in Sport Management program ranked among the best in the world,” said Ceyda Mumcu, Ph.D., associate professor of sports management. We are committed to preparing our students for the sports industry, and high rankings in teaching quality, student job search support and industry networking are testament to our approach. student-oriented.

Image of Simão Sousa Branca '19 MS
Simão Sousa Branca ’19 MS
“One-of-a-kind program”

The University offers the only STEM-certified graduate degree in sports management with a concentration in business analytics in the country. Dr. Mumcu says this provides students with unique career opportunities and opportunities.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind program,” she said. “Students complete rigorous coursework and gain analytical knowledge, as well as coding, database management, and data visualization skills while developing an understanding of the sports industry. We are proud of the program and excited to see the opportunities our students will have upon graduation. »

In addition to praising the teaching of the program, Sport Business has also included the University in its top 30 schools in areas such as alumni and industry networks. The organization ranked the University 18th in the world for the outstanding support it provides to students.

The University of New Haven was the only Connecticut school to make Sport Business’s list. It was ranked the second best program in the New England region.

Image by Rachel Vogel '17 MS
Rachel Vogel ’17 MS is currently Deputy Director of Sports Communications at Hofstra University.
“The program was exactly what I was looking for”

Rachel Vogel ’17 MS knew early in her career as an undergrad that she wanted to work in intercollegiate athletics. As a candidate for the graduate program in sports management at the University of New Haven, her courses and her position as a graduate assistant in sports communication in the athletics department of the University allowed her to focus on developing the skills and knowledge she needed.

Currently Deputy Director of Sports Communications at Hofstra University, Vogel is the primary media contact for the women’s soccer, women’s basketball, and softball programs, and she manages the athletics website and media pages. school socials.

“I knew that having the opportunity to focus my degree specifically on my career interest would help me stand out from others when looking for a job in my chosen field,” said Vogel, who earned a master’s degree. in sports management with a collegiate sports administration. concentration. “Having the opportunity to pursue my Masters while simultaneously working in a position that gave me experience in the career path I wanted was invaluable.”

Sport Business also recognized the University of New Haven for its high alumni employment levels – six months from graduation and based on current alumni employment levels.

Branca, the 2019 graduate who now lives in his hometown of Porto, Portugal, works for the city’s sports, culture and entertainment department, where he helps manage the public budget. He says it was alumni success stories that initially drew him to the University of New Haven, and it was the opportunities he had as a student that set him up for success.

“The program was exactly what I was looking for and it didn’t disappoint me,” he said. “My classmates and I have had the opportunity to meet many employers and industry giants who have always provided us with insightful knowledge and unique opportunities, allowing us to go further than expected and prepare us for future challenges. the best possible way for our future.”

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