The Fight Scout app brings connectivity to the combat sports community

Sofia, Bulgaria: Creators of a new app, Fight Scout® lets you explore and connect with the entire combat sports community around the world. Log in as a pro and start growing your network with fighters, managers and organizations around the world, find fights, find managers, search for events that need fighters, manage your profile so everyone world can find you and improve your chances of building a successful fighting career. Fight Scout offers all of this and more, with no commission at your fingertips. The application can be downloaded from iOS app store and google play.

A better way to connect the world of combat sports

Each role allows users to customize their profile according to their needs. Whether you’re a fighter looking for a fight, a promoter putting together a fight card or trying to find a last minute match, a manager trying to recruit athletes or just a fan who wants to explore the world of combat sports, Fight Scout® gives you all the tools in one app. All users share the same homepage experience. Smart search filtering lets you find exactly what you’re looking for. Activity is our story/post hybrid. It appears like a story, but acts and sticks like a post.

Through the process of experimentation with early adopters, Fight Scout® discovered a critical gap in the market between fighters, managers and promoters, especially at the mid-level. Thousands of unsigned athletes have experienced a disconnect as they attempt to build relationships with managers and promoters and have encountered barriers related to exposure and high costs. Fight Scout® solves these problems almost instantly as a free, easy-to-navigate global marketplace for combat sports of all types.

Fans: Fight Scout® offers fans an immersive experience in the global world of combat sports. Search for events by location, type of combat sport or specific dates. Receive notifications about promotions or fighters you follow, buy tickets for live shows or watch them live on your mobile device and get all relevant information on one screen.

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fighters: Can create their professional profile and start connecting right away! They can apply to fight on events directly with promoters, consult with other competitors, choose and connect with a manager or simply travel the world of fighting and discover opportunities to develop their career. Track and contact fighters, promoters or managers for opportunities as they become available and expand their professional network.

Promoters: If you organize combat sports events of all kinds, then Fight Scout® is the app you’ve been waiting for. Set up your organization’s profile with information, links, and images. Manage your event calendar individually, allowing you to scout and recruit fighters and fill each map. Network with your audience and keep your fans up to date with the latest news and ticket sales information.

Managers: Fighter management comes with a lot of responsibilities and information to keep track of. Fight Scout® makes it easy to find fights, review details and submit your customer’s request with Fight Scout®. Create new customers by networking with fighters and events around the world.

Coaches: There is no career without a trainer, Fight Scout® allows trainers to create their own training courses and knowledge content, which fighters and fans can subscribe to from the app for a fee.

With the Fight Scout app, you can log in and start a conversation with a manager or promoter to offer your services as a fighter or vice versa in minutes. Having worked in the business for 20 years, going the traditional route, trying to get the attention of a manager or promoter is pretty hectic. Instead, you can focus on building a network with just a few clicks on Fight Scoutsaid Lubomir Guedjev, founder and CEO of Fight Scout. “There is a big disconnect in this space and it has been that way for quite a long time in the combat sports ecosystem and Fight Scout brings the solution at your fingertips..”

We are working on introducing PPV and live streaming on the app for our next features to evolve the app and provide more functionality and value to our users.

“We are also working on introducing new categories like referees, judges, ring girls, ring announcers and cutmen. When a promoter adds an event on the app, they will have the ability to search for fighters, judges, referees, etc., all within the app. We will be rolling out these features soon.


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