The Center for Sport Management will host Jeffrey Kessler, a lawyer specializing in sports labor law

At Wednesday, November 3 at 5 p.m., the Center for Sport Management at the Stillman School of Business will host a VIRTUAL event with Jeffrey L. Kessler, executive co-chairman of international law firm Winston & Strawn. Kessler is one of the foremost sports and legal attorneys in the world, and he is the most successful sports antitrust attorney in the United States. Register here.

He has served as lead counsel in some of the nation’s most complex antitrust, sports law and intellectual property law cases, including major jury trials, and has been skilled in everything from a “damn good lawyer” to the “most powerful”. outdoor attack dog. In a fall 2019 article, Kessler’s alma mater, Columbia University, introduced him as the champion of champions. Stating: “Kessler has long operated on the front lines of the rights and interests of athletes as individual competitors, employees, union members and citizens.”

His recent victory in the Supreme Court decision NCAA v. Alston marks the first time in more than 30 years that the Supreme Court has ruled on the governance of college sports. The decision provides for a phased increase in how college athletes can be compensated and, according to one source, “also opens the door to future legal challenges that could deal a much bigger blow to the NCAA’s current business model.”

Kessler has also represented a number of US and international companies in criminal and civil investigations in the areas of antitrust, sports law, trade law and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Charles Grantham, MBA, director of the Center for Sport Management and former executive director of the National Basketball Players Association union, said, “Jeffery Kessler is the most successful sports antitrust attorney in the United States. His recent victory in the Supreme Court decision NCAA v. Alston changed the business landscape of college sports.

Kessler has taken on the NFL in a slew of high-profile cases, including McNeil v. NFL of 1992, which resulted in Freedom of Action in the NFL; he negotiated the current salary cap/free agency systems in the NBA and NFL; and represented quarterback Tom Brady during the Deflategate controversy.

He has received numerous awards and accolades and has been recognized by countless publications for his expertise – from Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal and Super Lawyer Magazine to US News & World Report – Best Lawyers.

During “A Conversation with Jeffrey Kessler,” he will speak in depth about his professional experiences, his role in winning the historic NCAA case, and answer questions from students.

Grantham added: “Kessler will have a lot to share with the public as he is also the advocate for the players of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team in their fight for equal pay and playing conditions against the United States Soccer Federation.”

This is a must-attend event for students, especially those interested in the fields of sports and law. Register here.

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