The 6th Annual Sport Management Symposium will take place on February 26 – News

Students from across Illinois will converge on Normal later this month for a unique sports business experience hosted by Illinois State University’s Sports Management Program.

The 6th Annual ISU Sports Management Symposium is set to once again connect industry professionals with students interested in sports business for a day full of discussion and exploration. This year’s event will be held at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Uptown Normal on Friday, February 26, 2016 and will cover topics ranging from marketing and sponsorship to ticket development and sales, communications and digital media.

“The event was designed as a way for our program to bring together students from around the area for a day of professional development and networking,” said Clint Warren, assistant professor of sports management and educational advisor in events. “To work in sports, it is essential to develop a professional perspective on the industry and then begin to cultivate relationships to complement each student’s classroom experiences. The symposium is a great place to make those kinds of connections.

Last year’s edition attracted over 200 faculty and students for the one-day conference. Warren hopes that students interested in sports business can gain new perspectives on working in the field, much more than just sports fanatics.

“I think our panelists are all unanimous in the importance they place on volunteerism and hard work inside and outside the classroom,” Warren said. “Another important element of the symposium for us is that it is entirely organized and executed by a team of ISU sports management students. From that perspective, it really is a learning laboratory for our program.

Jerrod Campbell, a sports management graduate student and one of the event organizers, said he experienced the event as a participant as well as a planner and enjoyed the networking test. and time management.

“It was eye-opening to see the amount of effort and assistance each professional offered,” he said. “Even though they couldn’t attend, they were willing to connect me with anyone who might be interested in being part of the event this year. The sports industry is constantly changing, and it takes being flexible and respectful of everyone’s schedules. I never thought that a connection within an organization would quickly lead me to two, three or four other professionals.”

Campbell appreciates how each year the symposium brings new faces and new perspectives.

“A lot of new faces are working behind the scenes, and a lot of new professionals have been approached to be part of the event,” he added. “Cultivating relationships with panelists also doesn’t stop once the event is over. You never know who a future colleague might be or who will help the event in the future.

Both Warren and Campbell are excited about the variety of panelists and topics scheduled for this year. At recent symposia, the format had focused on a presentation-question-answer style; this time, the panels are laid out in a way that encourages more two-way discussion to give attendees a better sense of the industry and the people who work in it.

“I think it will be more beneficial not only for audience members to generate their own ideas and opinions, but also for panelists to bounce their ideas off of each other,” Campbell said.

You can follow updates on panelists, find a calendar of events, and learn more about registration by following the symposium’s Twitter account (@ISUSymp). Registration is $45 per individual participant and must be completed by February 19.

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