Sports management major launches new podcast focused on exploring true crime

Anna DiNino ’23 is fascinated by true crime, including investigations, mysteries and conspiracies. She started “Crime Bistro” to explore a variety of real life cases, share her passion, and build a community with those who share her interest.

October 22, 2021

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Anna DiNino ’23 hiking in Maine.

When Anna DiNino ’23 started watching true crime videos online two years ago, she discovered a new passion. She was especially captivated by the psychological aspect of the cases. Her passion has now inspired her to start her own true crime podcast, allowing her to share her interest with other true crime fans.

DiNino, who enjoys listening to podcasts while taking a walk or driving, thought creating a podcast would be a great way to learn about the true crime cases he was interested in, while helping to educate others. She recently launched “Crime Bistro” and she hopes her podcast will give her fellow true-crime fans something new to look forward to each week.

“I listen to more podcasts than music, and they really inspired me to try mine,” she explains. “Before starting Crime Bistro, I actually had no podcasting experience, so I put a lot of work into researching and laying the groundwork.”

“It’s a project that fascinates me”

In an effort to vary each episode, DiNino covers a variety of cases and topics, such as murder investigations, missing persons cases, and conspiracies. When preparing each episode, she conducts research to create a timeline for each case, striving to make it easy to present to her audience. After recording and editing each episode, she adds theme music, audio effects and shares them online. It is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube.

Anna DiNino '23 in front of the Flatiron Building in New York.
Anna DiNino ’23 in front of the Flatiron Building in New York.

DiNino explores the forensics, stories and mysteries of each case. She discussed well-known events and cases, such as the death of Princess Diana and the infamous Zodiac Killer.

The name of the podcast was inspired by another of his passions – coffee – which is also covered as part of his podcast program.

“It’s a project I’m passionate about, so I want it to be as good as I can get it to be,” she said. “I’m proud of the work I’ve put into it so far. I would also like the podcast to be engaging, and I want people who listen to it to enjoy both the entertaining aspect of telling a true crime, but also not forgetting the serious nature of the subject matter.

“I would like to create a community”

In addition to her interest in true crime, DiNino is passionate about sports management – ​​her major in college. She says there are similarities between crime solving and sports management, such as attention to detail. She also followed several cases closely related to sports, including the murder of Charles Sessums, a Texas A&M University student who was killed in a deadly riot at a football game nearly 100 years ago. It’s a case she wants to cover on her podcast.

When she discovered her passion for true crime online, DiNino also found a community of like-minded people who wanted to make a difference and push for justice. She has found many ways to make an impact, from signing petitions to engaging in social media campaigns to seek justice. She hopes her podcast will be another way to make a difference and bring people with similar interests together.

“I would like to create a community of people who are enthusiastic about research and who hear about new cases,” she said. “I also want to reach those who are ready to be active themselves, such as those who are ready to participate in campaigns to help get justice for the ongoing cases I plan to discuss on the podcast.”

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