Sports management | High Point University

Our program will expose you to all facets of the sports world, with a focus on developing leaders in an ever-changing global sports industry. Courses offer a unique blend of management, leadership, professional development and sociology, creating the ideal environment to foster skills development, critical thinking and innovation. We combine foundational classroom training with real-world opportunities and issues, and pride ourselves on nurturing the next generation of sports management professionals in an inclusive environment designed to drive passion, success, and growth.

Why major in sports management?

  1. Curriculum: Sports Management is a specialized degree where you will learn to apply business concepts and participate in creating the future of the sports industry.
  2. Networking: You will have the opportunity to connect with HPU Sport Management alumni, sports industry professionals, and other students through guest speakers in class, lesson projects with local clients, and site visits. ‘facilities.
  3. Faculty: Our accessible faculty will provide one-on-one guidance to help you prepare for a successful career in sport.
  4. Practical experience: Get exposure to internship and job opportunities straight to your inbox so you can get your own behind-the-scenes look at the sports industry.
  5. Free miners: If you love other areas of endeavor, you can enhance your professional development by earning a minor in business, events, social media, or something else that matches your passions!

Like elite athletes, our students pride themselves on taking charge of their development, going beyond the ordinary, and seeking challenge. With passionate and dedicated teachers to support their growth, our students thrive under pressure and learn to compete in everything they do!

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