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Sports management major Arielle Friedman landed a real opportunity to work at Super Bowl LVI while researching options online. She calls the Super Bowl internship a “once in a lifetime experience.”

The Cherry Hill, NJ native was responsible for the execution of Super Bowl LVI events and assisted with hospitality efforts for high profile Super Bowl LVI guests. “I have provided match day customer service initiatives to over 70,000 fans. During my internship, I had the opportunity to network with many sports professionals who work for the Lakers, Sparks, Angels, Dodgers, Clippers and more,” Friedman said. “It’s something I never imagined myself doing.”

Friedman says the sport management faculty at CPASS supports his career path. “The teachers taught me everything I need to know. They acted as a guide when I needed help. The teachers showed me how to gain real-world experience and use it to the best of my abilities. The program features faculty who have real-life experience working in the sports industry,” she said.

“Dr. Gary Lhotsky has been by my side since freshman orientation. He’s been a big part of my success,” Friedman said. is always on the lookout for job offers that might pique my interest. Without him, I don’t know if I would be where I am today.

Lhotsky, an associate professor of teaching SM, says Friedman stood out from the former at Decide WVU Day in the spring of 2019. “She told me she wanted to get some sports-related experience and said she had worked wrestling matches in high school. I hooked her up with the WVU Wrestling Operations GA, and she immediately started helping once she got to campus,” he said. “Since then, she has taken advantage of experiential learning opportunities in other areas of athletics and continues to expand her network. I’m glad she got to work the Super Bowl. This will undoubtedly earn him a lot of time in his career.

Why WVU? “I chose to attend WVU CPASS because of the atmosphere. When I visited WVU, I immediately fell in love with the program, the faculty, and all they had to offer,” Friedman said. “I found there were many opportunities within CPASS and WVU athletics for me to get my foot in the door within the industry. That’s what was most important to me. me when choosing a school.

“CPASS faculty didn’t see me as just a face in the crowd. They treated me like an individual. WVU stood out for me in my selection process because I felt at home on the tour,” Friedman said. “There was a big school/small school feeling at the same time; I knew it was perfect for me.

Friedman, who plans to graduate in August 2022, currently serves as alumni relations manager for the sports management club and as student manager for the WVU wrestling team.

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