Sports Management, BS – West Virginia University

Students learn to navigate the complexities of the sports industry through academic preparation and hands-on experiences.

Basic course
The undergraduate sports management program requires students to take courses in varied content areas to prepare them for major courses. Core course content includes marketing, management, public relations, media and society, sport and exercise psychology, communications, accounting, economics, and computer science.

After completing foundational courses, students take sports management-specific courses to learn how to apply this foundational knowledge to a variety of industry-related contexts, such as intercollegiate, professional, or grassroots sport.

In addition, students can choose a minor corresponding to their particular interest.

Professional courses
Students must engage in at least one 3 credit professional field experience. This internship is flexible allowing students to complete it in any term, in any facet of sports management, anywhere in the world. It provides hands-on, real-world experience in industry and ultimately sets our graduates apart from their peers at other institutions.

Take advantage of special options related to this major:

  • Accelerated program

    Sports management offers the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in an expedited time frame.

    Accelerated program details

  • Honors

    Grow your curiosity—and enhance your program—with WVU Honors College. Two programs are offered: Honors Foundations for first and second year students and Honors EXCEL for third and fourth year students.

    Explore accolades

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