RPTA and Western Illinois University Sports Management Launch New Integrated Degree Program

MACOMB/Moline, IL – – Western Illinois University’s Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration (RPTA) and Master of Science in Sports Management program housed within WIU’s Department of Kinesiology will introduce a new 4+1 integrated bachelor’s to master’s degree program that offers students from both programs the competitive and interdisciplinary opportunity to accelerate their academic career and earn both degrees in five years.

“This 4+1 integrated degree program with RPTA demonstrates our unwavering commitment to listening to the needs of our students and meeting the ever-changing challenges of a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive global world,” said the chair of the kinesiology department, Renee Polubinsky.

WIU’s sports management graduate program is one of the oldest and most established programs in the country, with a solid reputation in the sports industry. Likewise, RPTA has a long and storied tradition as one of the first 10 such programs in the nation to be accredited by the National Recreation and Park Association.

The RPTA and the Sport Management Program expect this partnership to be successful, fostering increased engagement between departments, students, faculty, and staff. Admission to the program is limited and students wishing to enroll must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.25. RPTA students must enroll in the Sports Management program when they are juniors; however, students may be eligible at different times. For more information on eligibility, students should contact their RPTA program academic advisor.

“While RPTA will continue to offer its own BS ​​to MS integrated into RPTA for those seeking a career in the leisure industries, we are delighted to partner with Sport Management to provide this opportunity for students interested in careers in sport. college and sports administration. Enabling students to hone their education to meet their professional needs through interdisciplinary programs is key to meeting industry needs,” said Mike Lukkarinen, Acting President of the RPTA.

An integrated 4+1 bachelor’s and master’s program is already available for the Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and Journalism (Sports Broadcasting option) and the Master of Science in Sports Management.

“Stay tuned for more news from WIU’s Sports Management program, as we prepare for more 50th anniversary celebration events throughout the 2022-23 academic year,” Polubinsky said. .

For more information on the Sports Management Graduate Program, visit wiu.edu/graduate_studies/programs_of_study/sptmgt_profile.php.

RPTA and Western Illinois University Sports Management Launch New Integrated Degree Program

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