Multisport Athletes Continue to Thrive Despite Busy Spring Schedules – Orange County Register

Revised programming for high school athletics this spring has created challenges for multi-sport athletes, but so far many are thriving.

Although nearly a dozen different sports have been pushed in a single season due to the pandemic, reports of student-athletes able to excel in more than one activity continue to surface.

Here is a recent sample:

• Portola’s Jadyn Zdanavage helped the women’s lacrosse, women’s basketball and women’s track and field teams to a combined 6-0 record last week. The sophomore had the most impact at lacrosse, averaging nine points in three games. She tied her school record with eight goals in a 9-8 win over Woodbridge.

• Magnolia junior Diana Vo contributes to the women’s basketball and women’s tennis teams.

The defending Orange League singles champion helped the Sentinels tennis team start the spring 8-0. She also scored 21 points and added 11 rebounds, four assists and three steals in a 52-38 loss to Western in Orange League basketball.

Vo also maintains a 4.17 grade point average.

• Junior Crean Lutheran Taylor Feldman is known as the Saints’ best point guard in basketball, but she doesn’t stop there. She is also participating this spring in soccer and athletics.

“It’s so much fun,” Feldman said.

His classmate Maya Bland, a sophomore, plays basketball and softball.

“Even though it’s a lot, it’s better than staying home in quarantine,” she said. “We have to deal with challenges like COVID testing and all that, but it’s worth it.”

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