ITE student thrives after transitioning from aerospace to sports management through passion for fencing

This article was written by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

Damien Tan
Higher Nitec in Sports Management @ ITE College Central
Gold Medal Recipient Lee Kuan Yew

Courage to pursue your dreams

Damien Tan pioneered the Fencing Extracurricular Activity (CCA) at ITE College Central. To pursue his interest in the sports industry after earning a Nitec in Aerospace Avionics, Damien bravely made the switch from studying Aerospace to Sports Management.

The values ​​of perseverance and resilience, which he learned from fencing, helped him succeed in his studies, placing him in the list of directors in 2019 and 2020.

In Sports Management, he grew up to appreciate the dynamism of sports events and is now acquiring skills in Event Management through a diploma course.

Damien also strived to develop his leadership and empathetic skills by joining the Student Council and the ACE program, a student talent development program.

During his four years in ITE, he developed his skills in various fields – business, sports and leadership. He is grateful to his ITE lecturers who have shown him concern beyond his academics.

Succeed at your own pace

Damien shared, “Academic grades don’t determine your success in life.

“They don’t measure your ability to connect with others or your ability to think outside the box.

“We don’t have to follow societal pressures and expectations, as to when we should reach different milestones.

“It’s good to take a longer route.

“I spent four years in ITE, which gave me more time to discover myself and find out what I really wanted to do.

“There are many ways to be successful and we need to grow in different areas.”

After the ITE

Damien is pursuing a degree in Integrated Event and Project Management at Singapore Polytechnic.

Best Accomplishments

  • An accomplished fencer, Damien has represented ITE in competitions such as the 2018 and 2019 Asian College Fencing Championships where he placed in the top 16 each time. He is a part-time coach at the SG Academy of Fencing.

  • As a member of the student council, Damien has contributed to various community service projects, from planning an anti-drug campaign on campus to organizing activities to spread the festive spirit among the residents of the houses. retirement, through the facilitation of cyber-wellness learning for underprivileged children. Damien also wrote thank you messages to healthcare workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • For his dedication to community service, exemplary conduct, and outstanding academic performance, Damien received the 2020 ITE Service Star Gold Award, the 2020 Edusave Character Award, and the 2019 Student Excellence Award.

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