Including 150 Car Washes, 17 Auntie Anne’s, and 155 Five Guys at One Time, This Is All We Know About Shaq’s Business Empire – Ipass

After retirement, many top athletes may find themselves in a precarious financial situation. Former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal is an exception to the rule Ipass California location.

It’s no secret that former athletes often struggle financially when their careers are over. Sixty percent of NBA players become bankrupt within five years after departing the league, for instance.

On the other hand, Shaq is bucking the trend and encouraging others to do the same after he retired in 2011. According to Shaq, who stated in an interview with HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, he now makes more than the $30 million salaries he earned playing in the NBA during his successful 19-year basketball career. He now reaches more per year than the $30 million payment.

Aside from his rich endorsement deals, the former NBA champion turned businessman has built a sizable commercial empire, investing in everything from fast-food chains to the latest technological advances.

King of the Franchise

Ten percent of the company’s franchises were owned by Shaq at one point, with 155 sites. Despite his admission to CNBC that he had sold his shares, he acknowledged that the burger firm had been “extremely wonderful” to him.

The 17 Auntie Anne’s, one Krispy Kreme in Atlanta, and a CityPlex12 movie theater in his hometown of Newark, NJ, are just some of the numerous businesses he has purchased. A Shaquille burger joint in Los Angeles named after him and a Big Chicken in Las Vegas.

For a three-year endorsement deal and $8.25 million investment in nine Atlanta locations, Shaq just joined the board of directors of Papa John’s. He will serve as the pizza chain’s brand ambassador.

Invest in the things you like

Aside from his passion for food, Shaq has a wide range of hobbies. According to The Hustle, he owns 40 24-hour fitness clubs and 150 car washes.

CNBC spoke with the NBA Hall of Famer, who says he’s made a fortune from his early investments in Google, but he hasn’t divulged how much money he’s made. Being an NBA analyst and owner of the Sacramento Kings, as well as an NBA TV commentator, is a full-time job for him.

Then there are the Shaq suits, the Shaq footwear, the Shaq jewelry line, and even the Little Shaq children’s books he has written and published.

According to HBO’s Real Sports, Shaq has a strict investment philosophy: he only gets involved if he enjoys the company or product. The Ring doorbell video home security system is one of his favorite examples. He loved it so much that he tracked down the developer in 2016 and bought half of the company. He also appeared in many advertisements for Ring. Later, when Amazon purchased Ring for more than $1 billion, Shaq was given a slice of the profits.

Fun is a trademark of ours.

Despite his many enterprises and other projects, he hasn’t stopped working on his brand. I saw him on TV advertising a wide range of products, from Gold Bond and Icy Hot to Oreos and doughnuts. The General auto insurance and Carnival cruises were two of his best-known commercials.

If you look at Shaq’s resume, you’ll notice that he’s done it all: acting in movies rapping and now DJing.

He said the Shaq brand on HBO’s Real Sports is all about a good time. When I grow up, I want to be the guy that makes others laugh.

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