CHSAA’s adjusted schedule impacts dual-sport athletes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) — Colorado’s high school sports confusion is affecting thousands of dual-sport athletes across the state.

Earlier in the week, CHSAA announced that football, soccer and a number of other sports cannot be played under current state health guidelines promulgated by Governor Jared Polis during the COVID pandemic. -19. As a result, the 2020–21 high school sports year moved to a four-season schedule, reversing practices for players and shortening competition.

“I was very shocked at first because football is the fall season… That’s what keeps you going,” Discovery Canyon football player and wrestler Dylan Ruane said Thursday. “It’s definitely a shock. To move forward, we have to train and be ready for the season, [or we can] sit back, don’t prepare at all and let the competition get ahead of us.

Most non-contact sports (cross country, golf, tennis and softball) will be allowed to continue through the fall season, now called “Season A.” Football training will be allowed to start on February 22 and the first week of competition is scheduled for March 4 in ‘Season C’.

A full list of the CHSAA’s revised sports schedule is available on their website.

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