ASH Football continues its legacy of developing multi-sport athletes

ALEXANDRIA, Louisiana (KALB) – Some might believe that the beginning of the story began when the Alexandria Senior High Trojans made their first trip to the Class 5A State Championship. However, the term ‘trendsetters’ was associated with the football program long before 2020.

“As a kid, ASH had the most success,” said Jaguars wide receiver and former ASH Trojan DJ Chark. “Every time a kid went to the next level, there was a good chance they were coming from ASH.”

For years, the Trojans have been the New England Patriots of central Louisiana football, raising some of the most successful athletes.

“We worked hard,” said Tampa Bay Buccaneer specialist coach Chris Boniol. “We didn’t have much to entertain ourselves at the time, so we used our weight room in the shed and spent a lot of extra time in the field.”

That extra time spent led seven players to the NFL. These players include Chris Boniol, DJ Chark, Nic Harris, Demar Dotson, Blake Miller, Reggie Nelson and Craig Nall. The practice of other sports also played a major role in their success.

“I hated the track, but it helped me with my speed and my fitness,” Chark said. “The track has also helped me with my passion for winning.”

This spirit carried over to today’s programme. Currently, more than 20 players on the football roster participate in one or more sports at ASH.

“Our kids play basketball, football, track and field and do anything to help football,” said head coach Thomas Bachman. “If they don’t do anything, we’ll find something for them to do.”

The award has been invaluable to some of the players involved in multiple sports. In fact, a few have received offers in football due to their ability to play multiple sports.

“When I got my offers, I already knew it had to do with my ability to play basketball and run,” ASH catcher TJ Johnson said. “Athletics and basketball have helped me so much with football, so it’s fair to look at all the sports I’ve played and attribute my success to that.”

“After I ran 10.61 in a track meet, the colleges saw it and immediately offered me,” running back Jarvis Newton said. “I was shocked because I never thought I would get offers in football, but now I’m happy because schools see I can bring a lot of speed to their program.”

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