A pair of academics fills a gap in sports management research | News

Athletes are more than just athletes; they are individuals who face personal and professional problems. This idea sparked the creation of JADE, the Journal of Athlete Development and Experience.

Dr. Amanda Paule-Koba, associate professor of sports management at Bowling Green State University, and her University of Arkansas colleague Dr. Sarah Stokowski, assistant professor of recreation and sports management, co-edit the short story review. JADE’s goal is to focus on empirical research that gives new voice and insight into the sport experience from a variety of perspectives and methodologies.

He was noticing a gap in current sports management journals for athlete development research that inspired the two to “fix” it.

“We wanted to publish and promote research in an open-access format that prioritized athletes over profits,” Paule-Koba said. “We also wanted the journal to be open access so that everyone could access it. We want this research to be used by practitioners to improve the experiences and lives of the athletes they work with.

After sending out a call for papers to their colleagues, the duo selected the papers that best fit the journal’s mission and sent them to a panel of reviewers made up of national and international scholars and practitioners representing broad research interests.

“The most rewarding part was publishing our first issue and seeing the response,” said Paule-Koba. “It’s been amazing.”

JADE is the latest in Paule-Koba’s research efforts. She has co-authored two textbooks, over 25 peer-reviewed articles and 10 book chapters. She recognized several teams at BGSU for their support of the JADE venture, including University Libraries and the School of Human Movement, Sport and Recreation Studies at the College of Education and Human Development. Emily Gattozzi, Scholarly Publishing Coordinator at University Libraries; Dr. Ray Schneider, Director of HMSLS; and EDHD Dean Dawn Shinew were key elements among these groups.

“They all jumped on board when I pitched the idea for this newspaper to them and looked for support,” Paule-Koba said. “It wouldn’t be a reality if there weren’t so many innovative and talented people at BGSU.”

Some of JADE’s themes stem from Paule-Koba’s experiences teaching sports management for the University, specifically, athlete development and higher education. These topics line up well with some of the topics she covered in her classes, she said.

Future JADE topics could include nutrition, healthy eating and eating disorders; substance use and abuse; career development for elite and professional athletes; and race, gender, identity, culture and sports.

The JADE collaboration led Paule-Koba and Stokowski to partner with the Professional Association of Athlete Development Specialists, a collection of athlete development specialists from leagues around the world. PAADS’ global partners include the National Football League, Major League Baseball and the Women’s Sports Foundation.

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